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cerita RSH
« on: April 25, 2012, 09:32:38 PM »
today i went to Royal Sporting House to look for items for my Invitational game to give as lucky draw prize. So i saw a black greg norman hat. I asked the guy at the shop when is the next sale because i told him i remember seeing it being sold at 40% off at bukit jalil recently. He told me "all that sold at 40% because it all defective" so i asked how come no one said it was defective? he asked me if i had bought anything there and i said no "if abang tak beli, tak boleh cakap" so i shut up.

But i am horrified because i bought 4 other greg norman caps at the mines sale last year.I also recently bought a couple of tshirt because they were cheap... 50% off. i thought it was a good deal because greg norman stuff is normally expensive. I am not sure i would have bought so many had i known they were only on sale at that price because they were defective. Makes me wonder if their other sale items are defective too.

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